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What is Talking Swing? 

English conversation classes with an experienced native teacher with a focus on Jazz & Swing,  including grammar, vocabulary, listening and, of course, lots of speaking. Reduced class sizes with a maximum of 6 places available in each class.

Your teacher will guide you through your class,  beginning with a general introduction and then the interaction of each group will create the evolution of the sessions, which will include history, lyrics, anecdotes and more from the world and culture of Jazz, Swing, Rock&Roll and much more!

We have three levels of Talking Swing open: 

Improvers: en este nivel trabajaremos la comunicación y fluidez en frases básicas y cortas, a veces usando textos simples y breves. Es imprescindible que puedas entender algo y comunicarte mínimamente, es decir, que tu nivel no sea cero patatero. 

  • When:  Tuesday morning from 10:30h-11:20h

Intermediate: en este nivel puedes entender frases básicas y cotidianas dentro de un discurso lento y articulado cuidadosamente con pausas. Trabajaremos también sobre textos muy breves y simples. 

  • When:  Monday afternoon from 19h-19:50h

Advanced: en este nivel puedes entender puntos principales sobre temas comunes y detalles generales y específicos dentro de un discurso claro y directo. Trabajaremos  textos de extensión media sobre diversos temas de interés. 

  • When:  Tuesday afternoon from 18h-18:50h


  • Single session: 10€/person
  • Monthly payment: 8€/person/session

Please ask for other possibilities of class times.

To sign up or for enquiries about other courses in English and 1-2-1 classes (private classes) please contact us by email or with this form.