Things to make and do during your time at home...

- Pilates, Espalda Sana and more  with Fisioterapia Natural Rafael Aguelo Binaburo

- Buy some music to help musicians who have lost gigs during this time at Bandcamp (all fees go to the musicians on May 1st)

- Why not help out a dance teacher or musician who has lost work because of Covid-19?  Here is a Facebook page where you can find lots of info and ads to contact teachers and musicians and try out a class or see a concert and leave a tip.

- Try cooking, baking, set yourself a challenge and choose 5 ingredients to make a full meal from (Ready Steady Cook style if you want!)  if you have a garden or balcony take a look at how to care for the plants you have or grow something new! Dust down those books on your bookshelves and cosy down with a nice read, take out a pen or pencil and sketch something or find that old camera (or use your phone!) to get into photography... there are millions of things that are waiting for you in your home... 

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